Hygiene, safety and attention of sanitary emergency coronavirus (COVID 19) Protocols - Patagonia Run 2021


Foreigners must meet the following requirements to be allowed to enter Argentina:
• Filling in the form the Organization of Patagonia Run will email you soon with. This form needs to be presented at Migrations Office, where it will be confirmed that you are on the list of athletes authorized to enter the country.
• Complete the sworn statement requested by Migrations Office https://ddjj.migraciones.gob.ar/app/home.php
• Negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before travel, plus electronic sworn statement.
Exception: runners coming from places listed here:
https://www.argentina.gob.ar/salud/coronavirus/ingresar-egresar-argentina/opcion-pcr-destino , who cannot get the test as results in their country take longer than 72 hours. In those cases, sworn statement must be accompanied by a note justifying the impossibility to get a test in the country of origin (laboratory delay, lack of laboratory, impossibility to get results on a weekday) and the medical certificate stating the traveler has no symptoms. As well, they should get a test in Argentina as soon as possible.
(!) We suggest that each foreign runner checks requirements to enter their country upon return from Argentina.


According to Resolution of Neuquén Province: RESFC-2020-19-E-NEU-MJG issued in Official Gazette on Nov. 20th,2020 https://boficial.neuquen.gov.ar/pdf/bol2011203834.pdf

• Travelers must obtain Argentinian Circulation Permit (CUHC), as sworn statement, through app CuidAR (self-diagnosis of symptoms compatible with COVID-19. This certificate must be presented to access the Accreditation area.
App: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/aplicaciones/coronavirus
web: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/circular/tramite
• Show proof of booking at local authorized accommodation (hostel, cabin, apart hotel, hotel or organized camping site) and travel schedule. Otherwise, name and address of resident relative providing accommodation.
• Present Travel Insurance COVID-19: for people over 60 years of age and those included in risk groups, who are not residents of Neuquén province. This must cover accommodation and food supplies for 14 days, medical care and travel expenses back to place of origin for the patient and close contacts, if the traveler should contract the disease.
• Meet documentation and biosecurity requirements at each Provincial or Municipal jurisdiction, at each of the travel destinations and/ or routes and national or provincial roads.
• NQN, CPC and BRC airports have their own temperature-taking Protocols.
• Transfers hired through the race organization will be run by El Refugio Turismo company, which complies with all regulations of Public Transport protocol.


• Use of face mask will be mandatory for runners and staff.
• Mandatory social distance will be demanded at all times.
• Body temperature will be taken upon entering each area.
• Hand sanitizer will be applied upon entering the race offices. It will be available in all event areas.
• All areas will be kept ventilated and be carefully cleaned regularly.
• An appointment system will be set up for accreditation (and kit pick-up) and reception of runner drop bags.
• Circulation direction in every room will be signaled, so runners enter and exit through different doors. Race Staff will enable entrance respecting maximum number of people per room. No accompanying persons or public will be allowed in.




• Clearly marked areas will be signaled for: pre-start area (temperature-taking and equipment check), and Start area. General public will not be allowed into these areas.
• Runners must keep their face masks properly on until they are at a distance from other runners in the trails, where it can be removed. They must carry the mask with them all the time, so they can put it on anytime, for instance, upon reaching a supply station.
• Staff will take runners temperature at pre-start. If it should be over 37,7° Celsius, they will not be able to participate in the race.

• Starts will be organized in groups of 15 runners every 2 minutes. They should line up (15 runners per line) separated by two meters, with 5-meter separation between lines. The 1° line will start the race, and the second line will take their place at the Start Line. There will be 2-minute separation between each start.
• Neither public nor accompanying persons will be allowed in the Start areas.


• Supply will be self-service. Products offered will be wrapped or manipulated by staff with protective gear (gloves and tongs), who will have been properly trained to manipulate food. Presence of and contact with race staff will be minimal.
• Presence of runners in the supply area will be reduced to the minimum necessary to pick up food and beverages. Runners will be evacuated to an outdoor area as soon as possible.
• Chemical toilets will be available, with staff who will clean after each use.


• Finishing area on the corner of San Martín and Mariano Moreno streets will be fenced, as every year, so that general public cannot access.
• There will be no Finishing tape.
• Medals organized by distance will be placed in racks, so each runner can pick up theirs.
• In order to avoid crowds, runners will quickly be moved from finishing to post-finishing areas.
• Runners will be allowed into the Finish line supply area for the minimum time necessary to pick up food and beverages. They will be quicky evacuated to an outdoor area.


• Ceremonies will be carried out per distance. Venue will be soon confirmed.
• This will be a clean area, with restricted access for staff and clear instructions for places. Number of people will be reduced to a minimum and strict distancing protocol will be applied.
• Only award-winning runners will be allowed. They will be notified to attend at the specific time for their distance.
• No accompanying persons or other athletes (who are not award-wining) will be allowed.
• Race positions will be informed in the race website and social networking.
• Award ceremonies will be broadcast online.