Mandatory Equipment

  Statement of accreditation appointment - For all distances

Application for an accreditation appointment will be available online in our website as from mid March 2022.

✅  Medical CertificateFor all distances

Stating: Name, surname and ID of the runner and text: including that the runner is medically and physically fit to participate in the Patagonia Run, clarifying the distance of the chosen race. It must have the date, signature and stamp of the doctor who issued it. Only certificates dated within the last 60 days prior to the race date will be accepted. 

✅  Runner Bracelet - For all distances

It will be delivered at the accreditation.

✅  Bib number - For all distances

It is mandatory that participants of all distances wear the assigned Bib number; which must be fastened to the front of the race t-shirt and which should be fully visible.

  Emergency or signal whistles - PRVertical21k, 42k, 70k, 110k, and 100Mi races

It will be mandatory to wear it throughout the race for the distances mentioned.

  Headlamps or handheld flashligh 42k, 70k, 110k and 100Mi races

Mandatory Headlamps or handheld flashlight 100 lumens or more for 42k 1 headlamp. 70k, 110k and 100Mi races 2 headlamps, taking the following into consideration:

100Mi participants must wear at least one from the start line. The second one might be in the Drop Bag sent to the Full Aid Station. It must be worn as from 5:00 pm (either on Friday 8th or Saturday 9th) and turned on between 6:45 pm and 8:00 am.

70k and 110k
runners must start the race with headlamps or handheld flashlight ON, and keep them on until 8:00 am. As from 5:00 pm they must wear their headlamps again, and turn them on after 6:45 pm.

42k runners must wear their headlamps or handheld flashlight after 5:00 pm and turn them on after 6:45 pm.

  Survival blanket - 110k and 100Mi

  Water bottles - PRVertical race, 110k and 100Mi

Two 750 ml (25 oz) water bottles or soft flasks for 100Mi, and one for 110k and PRVertical race.

NOTE: We recommend runners of all distances should take their own cup/ glass.

✅  Zip Lock bags - For all distances 

In order to store food supplied at aid stations.

  Warm Clothing

If temperatures below 10 degrees centigrade were forecasted in any part of the course, the Organization might require the following MANDATORY items in the runners` backpacks, for all distances:
- Long leggins or overpants
- Windproof outer layer
- Gloves
- Fleece or like sweatshirt
- Fleece or like shelter hat
This requirement will be confirmed during the technical brief the day before the race.

  Face mask - For all distances

If Protocol Regulations for Hygiene, safety and attention of sanitary emergency coronavirus (COVID 19) should still hold during the edition of the race, Face mask use will be compulsory in all common spaces (accreditation, start line, Aid stations, finishing line). The use during the race will be subject to provincial an municipal regulations at the time of the race.